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If you like cold weather this video will appeal to you. They call this condition 1, which means instant popsicle weather.

What should they use to clear the frost off the inside? Any ideas?

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Nutley, N.J. doesn’t consider the penny legal tender. Be careful trying to pay anything in pennies these days. Not that anything realistically costs a penny anymore….nuisances from heaven…

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With the economy in shambles and everyone trying to inject a few extra dollars, many companies seem to be turning to adding additional advertising revenue to inject a lifeline. Some companies can individualize the message to make the advertising seem more integrated into their services. This could make the ads appear more like a value added. For example take Facebook and the comment made today in the NYTimes (Sorry Login needed to view fully)

Facebook’s ability to aim at particular demographic groups is impressive, Mr. McConnell told the club. As an experiment, he and a colleague set up an ad that would target all Facebook members who were 22- to 27-year old women, who worked for P.& G., were left-leaning and living in Cincinnati, and who liked sex and Cocoa Puffs. Facebook provided one person who perfectly fit the profile.

This level of sophistication along with adding some non-intrusive choices for small integrated ads should be accepted among the Facebook population. If deployed correctly the shock should be minimal and the acceptance of  additional ads in this add-advertising environment should not affect the demand for their services.

This is not true for all companies. Other companies have been injecting ads to the detriment of their services. For example take Tivo and their continued path to irrelevance.

The main purpose for the Tivo DVR device is to avoid advertisement and fast forward through annoying ads. Tivo deciding to create additional advertising on machines during their paused and fast forwarding moments is not what customers are needing. This decision is especially annoying to older Tivo machines since the added advertising is certainly taking up additional hard drive space without any added benefit. The nature of the machine and the reduction of the machines utility in the "updates" certainly makes even the most loyal Tivo users wondering about the future. Subscribers also wonder what they are paying $13 to receive if they still need to view advertising.

Compounding the troubles for Tivo is the reduction in price for computer parts, equipment and hard drives. As the annoyances of Tivo increase the cost benefit of building a Mythbox seems to become a more and more viable option. Tivo’s is currently making some poor business moves. It is inconceivable that collecting viewing habits cannot churn more of a profit. Someone is mismanaging the profits for viewer data or they have not figured out a decent strategy. If changes are not made, it is highly likely that Tivo will die along with its misguided advertising plans.

To some businesses the advertising expansion will help the revenue stream and to others this move could be the kiss of death. Businesses need to consider their end users and what their purpose and desire is for their service. If the business cannot perform their core duties and expectations to their user the addition of advertising could be worst move to make in these troubled times. 

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A zoo cleaner took a page out of the Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy fame handbook.

According to eyewitnesses, Mr Nordin, who was seen shouting and flinging items about shortly before the incident, vaulted a low wall and landed in a moat in the enclosure, four meters below.

Carrying a yellow pail and a broom, he then crossed the 1.75m-deep moat, walked up to a rocky ledge near where the animals were and began agitating them by swinging the broom.

As two of the tigers approached him, he covered his head with the pail, lay down on the ground, and curled himself into a foetal position.

It all sounds fairly horrific

He said many in the crowd of 30 or so onlookers at the enclosure initially thought the intrusion was part of a show.  But when Mr Nordin began screaming, they reacted with horror.

‘Some were screaming: ‘Go away’ to the tigers and others were shouting to scare the tigers,’ he said.

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